Making a Referral

How to refer to the PRH Acute Mental Health unit from the community or from other Renfrew County Hospitals

The attending physician or delegate is asked to contact the AMH resource nurse (613) 732-2811, extension 6144 or by Fax: (613) 732-6354) for a first screening and a follow-up with the attending psychiatrist during normal business hours. After hours or on week-ends, a follow-up consultation will take place with the attending on-call hospitalist.

When should involuntary hospitalization should be considered

The PRH Acute Mental Health unit offers voluntary patient admissions. Clients who are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others or who are not seeking in-patient services voluntarily will require transfer to the Ottawa Schedule 1 facilities including the Montfort Hospital, the Queensway Carleton and The Ottawa Hospital, under Form


How to Get an Involuntary Psychiatric Assessment


Geriatric Psychiatric Consult Within Renfrew County:

Physicians wishing to refer to our Geriatric Outreach Assessment Team may do so by completing and faxing the following referral form.

Adult Psychiatric Consult Within Renfrew County:

Physicians wishing to consult with a psychiatrist may do so by contacting:

Doctor Vijay Nishka Raghavan, Psychiatric Out-Patient Clinic

Phone: (613) 732-2811, extension 8016

Fax: (613) 732-6350

Pembroke Regional Hospital, 705 Mackay Street, Pembroke, ON K8A 1G8

Adult Psychiatric Consult Within Champlain:

Physicians wishing to consult with a psychiatrist from The Royal:

Understanding Hospitalization for Mental Health

In-patient may be indicated when:

  • The client is too depressed or exhausted to function
  • The client experiences a psychotic episode with symptoms escalating beyond baseline
  • The client voices suicide ideation and has a plan to harm self or others
  • The client has not eaten or slept for several days in a row
  • The client presents in an agitated, confused state for unexplained reasons
  • The client requires a major adjustment in medication requiring close monitoring, including ECT
  • The client needs a period away from life to regroup and focus on Recovery
  • If out-patient services are not helping
  • The client does not have a natural support system (family, friends) to ensure safety until appropriate out-patient of community services are available


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