Surgical Program

Our multi-skilled team coordinates all the necessary individual patient care needed and is progressive, current and adapts to the continuous changes in healthcare.


Our four new ORs plus pre-op and recovery areas are located in dedicated space on the third floor of the new Ottawa Valley Health Centre, linked to the Hospital’s existing surgical floor via a new glass enclosed walkway.


The Surgical Program offers the following surgical specialties: pre-operative assessment clinic, inpatient surgery, outpatient day surgery, post-anesthetic care unit and central service and reprocessing department.


All patients going for surgery will have all jewellery removed.


Paediatric Day Surgery patients are accommodated in the Surgical Day Care.


If you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Clinical Manager at extension 7308, or the Clinical Director at extension 8364.


Resources for Patients and Families  

Same Day Admission Booklet COVID Edition

Day Surgery Booklet COVID Edition  

Patient Questionnaire, Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic (Adult)  

Getting Ready for your Colonoscopy - Bowel Preparation Instructions

A Guide to Enhancing Your Recovery After Bowel Surgery 

Breast Surgery (Day Surgery) Patient Information Booklet  

Pain Control After Surgery 


Resources for Physicians and Health Care Professionals

Colon Cancer Referral Form


Fracture Clinic Fax:

(613) 633-4578 

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