Quick Facts

An overview: 

Supported by a staff of nearly 900 healthcare professionals and support personnel, PRH offers a variety of acute and ambulatory care services. The Hospital is a designated District Stroke Centre and offers regional programming in the areas of mental health services, orthopaedics, telemedicine, cardiac care, Ontario Breast Screening programs, and cancer care services including systemic therapy (chemotherapy).


Through a variety of partnerships, PRH is able to host a variety of satellite services including a dialysis unit operated by Renfrew Victoria Hospital, a systemic therapy unit for the delivery of chemotherapy which is supervised by local family physicians and coordinated by medical oncologists from The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, as well as numerous other clinical consultations via telemedicine with the Ottawa Heart Institute, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, The Royal Ottawa Hospital and others.


As PRH is a regional referral centre, we have a large active group of physicians working with us. We have access to a significant number of specialists and we have a team of hospitalists who care for those without a family physician. In addition, we are a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine.

We also provide teaching experiences to a wide range of students in various health disciplines. Being a university and college-affiliated hospital keeps PRH at the forefront of patient care, medical knowledge, and health-related research. An important part of our mission is to provide excellent patient care while educating and training future doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.


Inpatient Programs and Services: 

  • Medical
  • Surgical 
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Mental Health
  • Rehabilitation
  • District Stroke Centre

Ambulatory Services:  

  • Emergency 
  • Ambulatory Clinics
  • Regional Mental Health Services
  • OBSP (Breast Screening)
  • Cancer and Systemic Therapy 
  • Vascular Health and Diabetes
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy


  • MRI & CT and other Diagnostic Imaging
  • Part of Regional Lab System (EORLA)  


For 2022, The Number Of...  

Total Number of Staff 895 

Nurses (RNs and RPNs) 297 

Support Staff 348

Allied Health Professionals 106
Active and Associate Physicians 68

Trainees throughout our organization 300+


Inpatient Beds 132 


  • Total Acute (Medical, Surgical, ICU, AMH, Obstetrics, Newborn) 92
  • Rehab 22
  • Complex Continuing Care 18 


For 2021-2022, The Number Of... 

Admitted patients 5,667
Emergency Department visits 29,376
Ambulatory Clinic visits 31,353

Community Mental Health Visits 27,735
Births 711
Surgical Procedures - Day Surgery 4,335

Surgical Procedures - Inpatient 1,136
Diagnostic tests 73,341 (Includes 14,705 MRIs and 12,495 CTs)

Lab Tests 563,123
Patient meals 105,120 meals and snacks (Average 96 inpatients/day)
Square feet cleaned and maintained 330,000 


For 2021/2022

Operating Revenue: $108,382,000



Ontario Health and Ministry of Health funding $79,227,000

Ministry of Health Pandemic Funding $7,002,000  

Other patient care revenue $18,636,000

Other revenue $3,517,000


Operating Expenses: $107,075,000



Salaries, benefits and Medical staff remuneration $77,948,000

Supplies and other expenses $27,277,000

Equipment Amortization $1,850,000


Non-Operating Items: 

Amortization of buildings $2,677,000 

Amortization of deferred capital contributions for buildings $1,370,000 

Forgiveness of long-term debt $3,045,400 


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