Our Contributions

Since 2001, the Auxiliary volunteers have provided the hospital with $2,730,000 in funds for expenditures requested by the President and CEO. 


Auxiliary volunteers also take pride in the number of volunteer hours they contribute: 


  • The Mural Café currently has 46 volunteers who contribute 78 hours weekly to run the café. 
  • The Sunshine Gift Shop currently has 65 volunteers who volunteer 66 hours weekly for its operation. 
  • Ten Auxiliary members volunteer eight hours two to three times per week at Delta Bingo and Gaming. 
  • Auxiliary Executive members and Managers work 50 hours weekly to oversee operations. 



In total, the Auxiliary volunteers work a total of 200 volunteer hours each week for 10 months of the year at the Pembroke Regional Hospital. 


During the summer months, volunteers enjoy a much needed break and the Auxiliary pays summer students to run the café and the gift shop. 

Both the café and the gift shop also provide experience and training to students looking for a place to complete their mandatory 40 hours of community service.  


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