Our History

From the Auxiliary’s earliest days, it has been guided by a volunteer Executive Committee which oversees its operations and reports on a regular basis to its volunteers and the hospital on its many activities and accomplishments.

The Auxiliary has been an active organization in supporting the provision of health care services to the people of Pembroke and area for more than 50 years. Established in 1960, we exist as an organization for the purpose of raising funds to enhance those services or pieces of equipment that are not funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Since 2001, the Auxiliary’s financial contributions to assisting the hospital in meeting its health care improvements have been outstanding.

Since its inception, the Auxiliary as an organization has raised significant funds to enhance those services. In February of 2001, the Auxiliary pledged $500,000 to the hospital’s Building Fund; in June of 2003 the pledge was increased to one million dollars. A number of projects were created along with existing resources to reach this goal. This commitment was paid off in 2009. In 2010 a new commitment of one million dollars was made towards the purchase of an MRI. In addition to this, the Auxiliary donated $75,000 to furnish a new birthing suite and $50,000 to assist with the establishment of the Dialysis Unit at the hospital.

Delta bingo logo BINGO – one of the most prolific fund raisers. The first hospital Auxiliary bingo was held in the spring of 1994. For more than two decades, the proceeds from weekly bingos have helped purchase hospital equipment including ultrasound machines, Intensive Care Unit monitors, telemedicine equipment and a CT scanner.

The Sunshine Gift Shop – located since 2005 at the entrance to Tower B, is a great source of income for the Auxiliary. For 47 years it had been located at the entrance to Tower A. The Sunshine Gift Shop as it is now called is the pride of the Auxiliary with the uniqueness of the items for sale in this popular shop.

In March, 2004, the Mural Café opened on the ground floor of Tower B. It was first conceived as a suggestion to raise funds towards reaching the one million dollar goal. Over the years, the café has become popular with the staff and the general public.


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