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MHSRC Geriatric Mental Health Program

Who We Help

Adults 65 years of age and older experiencing mood, personality or behavioural changes, who are in need of psychiatric evaluation and consultation.


Who Can Request Our Services

Anyone can initiate a referral, however it must be submitted to MHSRC by a physician.

  • Individuals (self-referrals)
  • Family physicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Community agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Family members and friends
  • Health care professionals

How To Access Services 

If you or a family member would like to be referred for a Geriatric Mental Health consultation, please speak to your family doctor to complete the following referral:


Physician Referral 


Unsure if this service is for you? You can also contact AccessMHA 

  • Log on to AccessMHA and fill out a request form. If you cannot use the online form, please call 1-833-527-8207.  
  • A mental health and addictions professional will work with you to assess your needs and connect you to the right services within your region.
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Contact Information

613-732-8770, extension 6500

1-800-991-7711, extension 6500

Fax: 613-732-6350 or 613-735-4638 


How We Can Help

  • Comprehensive psychiatric assessment, in-home or in long term care settings
  • Pharmaceutical, behavioural and psychosocial consultation
  • Liaison with family physicians, professional caregivers, community agencies and family
  • Advocacy
  • Geriatric mental health education and behaviour management coaching of professional care providers

MHSRC Geriatric Mental Health Team

  • Consulting Psychiatrists from The Royal
  • Geriatric Mental Health Nurses


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